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I do a lot of vector illustration and believe it or not I actually just use a good old fashion mouse and Adobe Illustrator on a Macbook Pro. I had a lot of bad tablet experiences back in the day but I am willing to give it a go again. Which is better generally for vector illustration? Ideally I would still like to use illustrator or have some files that transfer well as vector files that are easy to open/edit in Illustrator.

The XP-Pen Artist tablets were always the premium .That said, the XP-Pen Artist is de-facto requirements for animation. Everyone else who has access to a tablet PC (or even a phone) can buy a pen and get about 50% of what they need (especially with the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro) but it doesn't replace the software or necessary tilt/pressure requirements for professional use.

Ask anyone who works a comic/art/animation convention and they will tell you that the Surface Pro 2 was pretty much what they wanted (which had the Wacom tech,) then Microsoft botched it with replacing it with nTrig, and now nobody will recommend the Surface Pro 3 or later except to people who aren't sure if they want to use a tablet computer at all.

The primary issue with drawing, is that the software (eg Photoshop) is very CPU/GPU demanding in bursts, which tablet PC's are extremely bad at, so you can't spend 8 hours a day using the Surface Pro, because it will literately start melting by hour 2. This is the cost of "thinner lighter" and we need to walk this back before the computers become utterly not useful like the "netbook" generation.

So XP-Pen Artist series are pretty much "just a graphics digitizer" and the biggest selling point was the pressure sensitivity levels (the graphire only had 9 bits of precision where as the XP-Pen Artist has 11 bits) The nTrig tech never has more than 8 bits of pressure and has no tilt. It's not terribly meaningful for vector graphics, but is absolutely required to have the maximum precision for digital paint/photo restoration.such as XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro Drawing Pen Display Tablet Monitor ( https://www.amazon.com/XP-PEN-Artist22E-Drawing-Pressure-Adjustable/dp/B01M9EURM1 ).

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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